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Rum With An 'H'

No doubt you've tasted ordinary rums made with blackstrap molasses -- the industrial byproduct of white crystal sugar. You won't believe the difference when you taste premium rum made with pure cane juice, called rhum agricole, or rum with an ‘h.’


Ordinarily, this artisanal rum can only be found in the French Caribbean, where the growing and processing conditions are carefully controlled, much like fine French wines. 
In fact, rum from cane juice has much in common with wine because the cane, like grapes, is crushed fresh and fermented close to the farm, not in the factory. The centuries-old process sprung from the fact that juice, unlike molasses which lasts for months in containers, must be used within the first few hours.

The result of this artisanal process is a rich, flavorful rum drawn from the distinctive qualities of the growing region, or terroir. It is truly a product of the local soil, and no two are alike.

The French call this method rhum agricole -- rum with an 'h.' Or as we call it, farm rum.
Raising Cane has partnered with a French spirits group to introduce rhum agricole on St. Croix. 
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